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Information about user registration

Please pay attention to the following advice concerning user registration


General notice:

Please use the correct spelling according to capitalization rules.


"Email Address"

If you wish to receive information about requests or overdue notices through email, please inform the staff at the Loan Desk. They will take care of the necessary arrangements.
You can also change your email-address yourself on our internet page: Kontoauszug / Kontoinformation / Postweg ändern.

3. and 4. overdue noticeswill be sent by regular mail only to the address you defined as your first address.


"First Address" and "Second Address"

You have to present your valid student identification card and personal identification card or passport with "Meldebestätigung"
from the Residents' Registration Office.

First Address
Residence in Mannheim or surroundings, current semester address

Second Address
Home address