Course reserves

If you would like to set aside course-related materials for students in your class, you can do so by placing items on reserve at your respective library.

Course reserve items are excluded from circulation and remain on reserve for the entire semester. The Primo catalog indicates whether an item is on course reserve.

Course reserves may include items from the entire library collection. Items from other libraries or privately owned items may be included, as well. However, this will be at your own risk as the University Library is not liable for any loss or damage.

Applications and Renewals

Please submit your reserve requests to your respective library early, ideally four weeks before the semester begins. Send us the reserve request form along with a list of your requested items, including their call numbers.

Course reserves remain available until the end of the semester, 31 January and 31 July, respectively. Please submit any renewal requests to your respective library.

Course Reserve Request Form (only available in German)