Digital Course Reserves

Would you like to make copyright protected materials available to the participants of your course via the learning platform ILIAS? From 1 March 2018, a new provision for digital course reserves is in force.

With the commencement of the Act to Align Copyright Law with the Current Demands of the Knowledgebased Society (Urheberrechts-Wissensgesellschafts-Gesetz – UrhWissG), the former provision on digital course reserves in section 52a of the German Act on Copyright and Related Rights (UrhG) is replaced by section 60a UrhG.

The Main Conditions

For the purpose of illustrating for teaching, you may make available in electronic form on a non-commercial basis:

  • up to 15 percent of a published work
  • illustrations, individual articles from the same professional or scientific journal, other small-scale works and out-of-print works in full

Articles from newspapers or popular magazines may not be made available in full. “Small-scale works” means printed works up to 25 pages and videos and music up to 5 minutes.

The materials may only be made available

  • for teachers and participants at the respective event – e. g. password-protected on ILIAS
  • for teachers and examiners at the same educational establishment, and
  • for third persons insofar as this serves to present lessons or lectures or the results of tuition or training or the learning outcomes at the educational establishment.

More information

Section 60a UrhG – Teaching in educational establishments

Bundesministerium der Justiz und für Verbraucherschutz (BMJV) (01.09.2017): Gesetz zur Angleichung des Urheberrechts an die aktuellen Erfordernisse der Wissensgesellschaft (UrhWissG) – Gesetzgebungsverfahren

Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF) (August 2019): Urheberrecht in der Wissenschaft - Ein Überblick für Forschung, Lehre und Bibliotheken (PDF, 1,61 MB, only available in German)

Francken-Welz, Marion von (21.02.2018): Urheberrecht in der Lehre [Präsentation beim 1. Tag der Lehre an der Universität Mannheim am 21. Februar 2018] (PDF, 176 KB, only available in German)

Kreutzer, Till/Hirche, Tom (Oktober 2017): Rechtsfragen zur Digitalisierung in der Lehre: Praxisleitfaden zum Recht bei E-Learning, OER und Open Content (PDF, 865 KB, only available in German)

Alternatives for Press Articles

Copyright protected articles from newspapers or popular magazines may not be made available in full. However, we provide you and your students with access to press articles through our licensed newspaper portals, press archives and online editions of newspapers. Many newspapers and databases support permalinks that can be included in ILIAS.

Newspaper portals

ABI/INFORM Collection

Includes: The Economist, Financial Times, Wall Street Journal


Includes: The New York Times, Financial Times, The Guardian

You may incorporate occasional articles from the Factiva database in electronic course packs and password-protected electronic reserve collections for instructional use only at the University of Mannheim. Each such item of information shall carry the appropriate acknowledgement of the source, branded as being from Factiva and must be deleted when no longer used for such purpose.


Includes: The New York Times, The Guardian


Includes: Handelsblatt, WirtschaftsWoche, DIE ZEIT

Press Archives


The F.A.Z. allowes you to use complete articles from the F.A.Z.-Bibliotehksportal that you have access to via our campus licence for the purpose of illustrating for teaching, especially in digital course reserves. In all other respects, the use is governed by the conditions of section 60a, para. 1 UrhG.

Members of the University can access the F.A.Z.-Bibliotheksportal on site. Remote access via virtual private network (VPN) is not possible.

Süddeutsche Zeitung Archiv

Online editions of newspapers

All licensed online editions of newspapers can be accessed via the  catalog Primo. Use the Advanced Search option and restrict your search by choosing “journals” as Material Type.

Digital Resources

In future, contracts cannot restrict or deny a use permitted under section 60a UrhG. However, this applies only to contracts concluded from 1 March 2018. For e-books and articles from e-journals already licensed by Mannheim University Library, you can provide links to these resources in ILIAS.


E-books can be accessed via the Primo catalog. Use Primo’s permalink functionality to link from ILIAS to a specific item in the catalog.


At present you have access to around 31.000 e-journals. E-journals can be accessed via Primo, via the Electronic Journal Library (EZB), or in article databases. Many journals support permalinks that can be included in ILIAS.

Access to e-books und e-journals

Members of the University can access electronic media for which the University Library has a license on site, and via the WLAN network eduroam. Remote access is possible via virtual private network (VPN). A few database providers do not allow VPN.

More Alternatives

What other alternatives exist to provide students with materials?

Works under Open Licenses

Materials under open licenses, e.g. Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY), can be used according to the license terms and regardless of section 60a UrhG.

Thee OERinfo website provides information on Open Educational Resources (OER). OER can be obtained from the platform OER Commons.

Put items on Course Reserves

Do you want to set aside recommended books for class use? We can prepare course reserves from our collections according to your wishes in one of our library sections.

More information on course reserves

Submit Acquisition Requests

Are you missing an important item in our portfolio, or do you need more items of a specific book? The University Library will be pleased to receive your acquisition requests. Please state how many items are needed and if an electronic version is preferred.

Acquisition requests can be posted via a central form.

Share Reading Lists

You can include reading lists with references to print literature available at Mannheim University Library in ILIAS, in order to help students to get access to these items in the library.


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