E-Tutorials for EU databases

EUR-Lex - Access to European Union Law

The EUR-Lex database is a portal to European Union law available in all official EU languages.

A detailed e-Learning module is provided for working with the database:

European Data Portal

The official portal for data on Europe, data.europa.eu, provides a detailed introduction to handling open data:

The data.europa academy was launched at the end of 2021. Learning materials and training courses are offered.

Eurostat - Access to statistics and data on Europe

Eurostat is the statistical office of the European Union. Its mission is to provide high quality statistics and data on Europe. Eurostat does not collect its own statistics for this purpose, but cooperates with national statistical institutes and other national authorities in the EU Member States. This partnership is known as the European Statistical System (ESS). It also includes the statistical offices of the European Economic Area (EEA) countries and Switzerland.

Eurostat also coordinates the statistical activities of the European Commission.
Eurostat is part of the initiative on Statistical Data and Metadata eXchange (SDMX).

A range of toolseLearning tutorials and training courses are offered.

IATE - Inter-Active Terminology for Europe

As an inter-institutional EU terminology database, IATE provides assistance in understanding and producing technical texts in 24 official EU languages.

Two flyers on the standard search  (1 ; 2), a manual and a short video are offered.

TED - Tenders Electronic Daily

TED is the online version of the "Supplement to the Official Journal of the EU" for European public procurement. Since July 1998, this supplement to the Official Journal has no longer been published on paper, but only in electronic format. It contains all invitations to tender for supply, works and service contracts above a certain total volume that are important for European public procurement. Through TED, business opportunities are offered free of charge in the European Union, the European Economic Area and beyond. The database only includes the last 5 years of the Supplement.

TED provides 7 video tutorials on YouTube.