European Documentation Centres

European Documentation Centres (EDC) are the first network established by the European Commission  since the mid-1960s. Teaching and research on European integration should have been promoted and supported by easy access to documents. This results in the tasks of EDC. On the one hand, this is the collection and provision of all types of EU publications for the university as well as for the interested public. On the other hand, the task spectrum is supplemented by research, consulting and training to support the EDC users. The EDC is part of the EuropeDirect information network. 

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EUi - European Documentation Centres in Third Countries

List of EUi Centres (2009?; incomplete)

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Libraries and Archives (EUROPA-Server)

   - European Commission
   - European Parliament (European Parliamentary Research Service)

Historical Archives: European Union (EUI) ; Commission ; Council ; Parliament

• Catalogue of the Commission libraries:
   ECLAS ; Find-eR (incl. online resources)

EUROLIB (Informationen zur Zusammenarbeit der Bibliotheken der EU Institutionen)

EUROVOC (mehrsprachiger Thesaurus)

ArchiDok (Datenbank für Onlinedokumente von EU-Institutionen)

EU Bookshop (Online-Buchhandlung und Archiv von EU-Veröffentlichungen)

EUDUG (European Union Databases User Group)

Europe Direct-Informationsnetz (EU-Informationszentren, EDZ und Team Europe)

• EDC Mailinglists (z.B. EURODOC)

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