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EUROPA  (Official Website of the European Union)

Basic Informationen about the EU
   (History, Countries, Symbols, Facts and Numbers etc.)

The History of the EU (1946 onwards)
   - The Schuman Declaration (9 May 1950)
   - House of European History (opening: 6 May 2017)

• EuTube: Videos of the EU regarding different Topics ; e.g. 50 Years of EU in the World

• Maps: EU Member States ; Europe, EU and the Candidate Countries

• EU Institutions:
   Contact: Europe Direct ; Calender ; social Netzworks ; latest News

• European Commission:
   Policies, information and services ; Tenders, contracts and funding

European Governments Online (Member and Candidate Countries)

The Future of Europe

The European Year

• Awards:
   - European Capital of Culture (since 1985)
   - European Green Capital Award (since 2010)

• EU Myths:
   - Representation of the Commission in the United Kingdom (Index 1992-2012)

Public Holidays in the EU Member States

World Fact Book (Basic Information about the European Countries)

• ESO Information Guide: Europe on the Internet (2017)

Your Europe

Transparency and Information

Information for European Citizins (Living, Working, Education, Travels etc.)

Information for European Companies (Public contracts, finance and funding etc.)

"Your Voice in Europe" (Co-determination in Policy-Making: Consultations and Feedback)

Influencing EU Policy-Making: (Europ. Citizins' Initiatives ; Petitions ; Complaints etc.)

Debating Europe (Discuss Ideas with Europe’s Leaders)

Teaching Material

Europa Teachers' Corner
Kids' Corner (Discovering Europe)
The EU in Slides
"100 Books on Europe to Remember":
    Works on the European Idea and the Development of the European Integration Process
European Youth Portal

Abbreviation lists and Glossaries

Glossaries by Topic (EUROPA-Server: Language and Terminology)

Glossary Links (Search Tool with a Database of more than 5,000 Glossaries, Europ. Parlament)

Terminology resources of EU bodies and agencies

Acronyms and initialism (Publications Office)

IATE (Terminology-Database)

Glossary (European Commission, DG for Migration and Home Affaires)

Glossary (Summaries of EU Legislation; EUR-Lex)

• Glossary to the Digital Singal Market

EU Bookshop’s Glossaries

Europa-Lexicon (Federal Government Germany)

• The Federation of European Employers (FedEE): A-Z of the European Union (EU Lexicon from the former MEP Jens-Peter Bonde)