• Brexit Negotiations:
   - Brexit Timeline ; Animation (2017)
   - Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union – Q&A (fact sheet, 29 March 2017)
   - The Brexit Negotiations: An Assessment of the Legal,
      Political and Institutional Situation in the UK (In-Depth Analysis; 2017)
   - Mandate to begin negotiations with the UK (Press release, 22 May 2017)

• Outcome of the referendum in UK (24 June 2016):
   - Statement by the EU leaders and the Netherlands Presidency
   - Europe by Satellite (EbS) live
   - UK Referendum on Membership of the European Union:
     Questions & Answers
   - A Cicero Group analysis of the EU Referendum

• European Council / Council of the European Union:
   - Negotiations ahead of the UK's EU referendum (since June 2015)
   - Agreement between EU and UK (conclusions, 18 - 19 February 2016)
   - Proposal for a new settlement for the UK within the EU
     (Letter of President Donald Tusk, 2  Feb. 2016)
   - Departure of the UK from the EU (Think Tank Review, April 2017; special issue with links
     to papers published by major think tanks world-wide between July 2016 and February 2017)
   - European Council (Art. 50) guidelines for Brexit negotiations (29 April 2017)

• European Parliament:
  - British Referendum: MEPs debate proposed reforms ahead of referendum
  - The Balance of Competences Review in the UK, 2012-2014
    (EP Research Service, Briefing Jan. 2016)
  - UK's Renegotiation of its Constitutional Relationship with the EU:
    Agenda, Priorities and Risks (study)    
  - Brexit and the future of the European Union (What Think Tanks are thinking) 
  - Brexit Literature (Updates: 3/2017 ; 12/2016)
  - Impact and Consequences of Brexit for Northern Ireland (Briefing; 2017)
  - European Parliament resolution on negotiations (5 April 2017)

• UK Government:
   - EU referendum (Cameron's speech: 10 March 2016)
   - The best of both worlds: the UK's special status in a reformed European Union
   - The process for withdrawing from the European Union
   - HM Treasury analysis: the immediate economic impact of leaving the EU (May 2016)
   - Alternatives to membership: possible models for the United Kingdom outside the EU
   - Department for Exiting the European Union (since July 2016)
   - The United Kingdom’s exitfrom and new partnershipwith the EU (White Paper, Feb. 2017)
   - United Kingdom notification under Article 50 TEU (29 March 2017)
   - Lessons Learned from the EU Referendum (April 2017)

Exiting the EU: UK reform proposals, legal impact and alternatives to membership
   (Research paper, House of Commons Library, 2016)

Progress of the European Union Referendum Bill 2015-16 (UK Parliament)

• The EU Referendum, 23 June 2016. The United Kingdom and the European Union.
   A guide to information sources: Part 1 - Before the Referendum,
   Part 2 - After the Referendum  (ESO Information Guide, EDC Cardiff)

Sources of information about the UK’s referendum on membership of the EU

Arguments for Britain’s EU membership

• Selection on articles about the Brexit:
   - Leaving the EU: Implications for the UK economy (study; PricewaterhouseCoopers, March 2016)
   - Brexit - the Politics of a Bad Idea
     (collection of articles; Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, Social Europe Journal; May 2016)
   - Europe after Brexit: A proposal for a continental partnership
     (Think Tank Bruegel/Brussels, Aug. 2016)
   - Selection of analysis and comments (Briefing Paper, House of Commons Library, Oct. 2016)
   - Brexit Negotiations - The View From the EU (A Cicero Group analysis; Oct. 2016)
   - The Europeans and the Consequences of the Brexit
     (survey for the Robert Schuman Foundation, Jan. 2017)
   - Brexit and the EU budget: Threat or opportunity? (Jacques Delors Institute, Jan. 2017)
   - Selection of EU publications (Publications Office)
   - Collection of Referendum campaigning leaflets (British Library; London School of Econ. Libr.)