• European Commission, Directorate-General Migration and Home Affaires:
   - European migration policy
   - Migration agenda , Press releases
   - Temporary Reintroduction of Border Control
   - Measures to address the refugee crisis: Oct. 2016 ; Jan. 2016
   - EU support in response to the Syrian crisis (factsheet, 8 Feb. 2016)
   - EU-Turkey Agreement ; Questions and Answers (factsheets 2016:
     19 March; 04 April; 20 April; 15 June; 28 Sept.; 08 Dec.)
   - Knowledge Centre on Migration and Demography (KCMD): Migration Data Catalogue
   - Package of documents on Migration and Security (25 January 2017)

• European Commission, Library and e-Resources Centre: Selected publications on
   - demography and migration
   - the inclusion/integration of refugees and migrants in European societies
     through culture and arts

   - refugees' and migrants' integration in schools

• Statistical Office of the EU (Eurostat):
   - Asylum quarterly report
   - Statistics on: Asylum ; Migration and migrant population

Council of the European Union / European Council
   - Malta Declaration (3 Feb. 2017)
   - Video: Migration Crisis – The Inside Story

• European Parliament:
   - The EU and migration (At a glance - What Think Tanks are thinking; Sept. 2016)
   - MEPs propose a centralised EU system for asylum claims
     with national quotas
(March 2016)
   - Migration: a common challenge
   - EU’s refugee crisis (EP Research Service Blog)
   - Migration and asylum (EP Media Network)
   - The Common European Asylum System - third reform (Thematic digest, Feb. 2017)

• European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA):
   - Asylum, migration & borders
   - Regular overviews of migration-related fundamental rights concerns

The European Migration Network (EMN)

FRONTEX: Risk analysis for 2016

Asylum Information Database (AIDA): information on asylum procedures,
   reception conditions and detention across 18 countries

• Publications in the EU Bookshop

• Information guide : European Migration Challenges (Nov. 2016, EDC Cardiff)

Reaktionen der EU auf das starke Ansteigen des Flüchtlingsstroms seit April 2015
   – eine zeitliche Darstellung
(Desirée Schmitt)