Public Registers of Documents

Since 30 May 2001 Regulation (EC) No. 1049/2001 assures public access to documents of the European Parliament, the Council and the Commission via an electronic register (OJ L 145, 31.05.2001, p. 43-48). Other EU institutions and agencies should also give free access to their documents in a similar way (cf. Transparency and Information)

In March 2011 the European Commission published an amended proposal (COM(2011) 137) to expand the right of access to documents of all EU institutions and agencies. The revision is still being stalled by the Council.

The registers contain a great number of unpublished internal  documents. If some of the register entries are not linked to fulltexts, most of them may be ordered directly via an electronic application form if there is no restriction notice.

The following EU Institutions give access to their documents via a public register: