Reports, studies, journals

All EU Bodies, Institutions and Agencies publish numerous electronic publications such as studies, periodical reports as well as periodicals and newsletters. They are listed below alphabetically, by publisher or by subject area.

The collection is supplemented by a selection of publications from external institutions and organizations on various EU issues.




Periodical Reports of the EU Institutions


EU Journals (all, sorted alphabetically)

• EU Journals (sorted by editor)

    • European Commission

    • European Parliament

    • European Economic and Social Committee

    • Committee of the Regions

    • European Investment Bank

    • European Central Bank

    • Other EU Institutions

• EU Journals (sorted by subject)

    • Agriculture, forestry, fisheries

    • Competition and undertakings

    • Customs union and trade policy

    • Economic and consumer questions

    • Employment and labour

    • Energy

    • Environment

    • External relations

    • Finance

    • Information, education, culture

    • Institutional questions

    • Laws and procedures

    • Regional policy

    • Scientific and technical research

    • Social questions

    • Statistics

    • Transport


Journals, Newsletters etc. (external institutions)

• Working and discussion papers (external institutions)