Unsere beiden Sprachlabore im Verfügungsgebäude bieten Technik und Software für Lehrveranstaltungen in Sprachpraxis und Medienwissenschaft.

Language lab

The language labs provide facilities and software that support language instruction in general and in the field of media and communication studies.

Language Lab I: 24 work stations for students and one for the instructor, L7, 3-5 - room 357 Language Lab II: 30 work stations for students and one for the instructor, L7, 3-5 - room 157

Booking the Language Lab

All booking requests by staff members of the School of Humanities are managed by the chair’s secretary’s office.

All booking requests by staff members of other schools or departments are also managed by the dean's office of the School of Humanities: raumbuchung(at)phil.uni-mannheim.de


If you have any question on the facilities and equipment of the language labs, please contact the language lab support: sprachlabor(at)bib.uni-mannheim.de

Facilities and Equipment

Facilities and Equipment The language labs are both equipped with a CD and DVD player and an interactive whiteboard. The equipment allows for an interactive audiovisual learning experience. The whiteboard’s projector can also be connected to other sources. The language laboratories are furthermore equipped with a speaker system and headsets for language instruction courses.


The computers are equipped with Windows 7 and offer a variety of applications such as Microsoft Office, LibreOffice and media players.

The language learning software “Sanako” allows for interactive communication in study groups and features various options for training and assessment.

The software “OpenBoard” serves as means to develop and work on interactive teaching material using whiteboards.