Library Card for Non-University Members

If you reside, work, or study in the metropolitan area Rhine-Neckar or in Baden-Württemberg, you can request a Mannheim University Library card. Upon registration at the information desk in the InfoCenter you have to pay a one-time registration fee of EUR 25.

Metropolitan area Rhein-Neckar

Once you have your library card and access to your library account (Uni-ID and password) you can:

  • book a seat in the subject libraries, access is only possible with previous seat booking
  • borrow items from the Schloss Westflügel Library, except the textbook collection
  • use the electronic lockers in the libraries
  • print, photocopy, and scan
  • borrow items via the interlibrary loan service
  • access the library’s electronic resources using the library computers

Students and staff members only may access the Internet or connect to the university wireless network.

How can I apply?

  • Complete and save the Application Form. Please select "Non-University members" in the field "user group". When you save your registration, it will be transmitted electronically to the InfoCenter.
  • We will inform you by e-mail after max. two working days, where and when you can pick up your library card. Please bring a valid passport or ID card.
  • With the registration a one-time fee of 25 EUR is due. Please pay the EUR 25 via bank transfer as soon as you have picked up your library card.

Replacement in case of loss or damage

In case of loss or damage of your library card, please contact the information desk in the InfoCenter. Here you can ask for a new card and block your lost card. We will charge a fee of EUR 15.00 for the replacement.

You can pick up your new library card during the opening hours at the information desk in the InfoCenter.

How Do I Receive Notifications?

  • All notifications such as holds or final notices are sent to the e-mail address indicated on your application form.
  • You can change your address in person only at the information desk in the InfoCenter. Please note that you need to bring a valid ID card or a passport with proof of address in order to change your address.
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