Order Service

Chairs and institutions of the University of Mannheim can use the order service to purchase items via the Mannheim University Library.

Your advantages:

  • the University Library takes care of the entire acquisition process
  • better delivery terms 


You can place your order with your respective library via phone or e-mail.

A3 Library+49 621 181 2989a3erw(at)bib.uni-mannheim.de
A5 Library+49 621 181 3031a5erw(at)bib.uni-mannheim.de
Schloss Ehrenhof Library+49 621 181 3025eherw(at)bib.uni-mannheim.de
Schoss Schneckenhof Süd Library+49 621 181 2936bwlerw(at)bib.uni-mannheim.de

Purchase Coordination

You need to contact the University Library in case of orders exceeding EUR 400 or subscriptions.