Seat Booking

Book a seat in our subject libraries and use the Mannheim reservation system MARS to manage your seat bookings.

Members of the University of Mannheim can reserve a seat or come to the library spontaneously. Please observe the traffic light icons which show available seats. Guest students, members of cooperating institutions and users with a library card may only access the subject libraries with a seat booking.

For access to all subject libraries and the Central Lending Library, the 3G rule applies.

The Classroom Pass pass can be used as proof of entry to the university library. By approving the request for your 3G status on the check-in page, you will be able to check in directly to the subject libraries in the future without a proof check.

Personal data

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  • To book a seat in our subject libraries you need to hold an ecUM or a library card. Please log in with your Uni-ID and password. First-year students need to unlock their ecUM to have access to the University Library.
  • You can only book a seat for yourself, not for others.
  • You can interrupt your library visit for a maximum of one hour, after which your place will be released for other users.
  • For members of the University of Mannheim, seat bookings are limited to 3 active bookings in one or more subject libraries.
  • For guest students, members of cooperating institutions or users with a library card, seat bookings are limited to two active bookings in a subject library. From 4 p.m. you can additionally book a seat for the current day, provided that there are seats available.
  • As soon as a day booked by you has started, you can make another booking.
  • The green marking shows on which days and in which subject libraries seats are available. This information shows the booking status at the time the page is called up.

Please inform yourself about the hygiene regulations (PDF, 107 KB) in the subject libraries.
If you have any questions, please write to info