Order Service

Use the University Library’s service and expertise if you want to purchase literature, databases or research data.

The University Library orders printed literature quickly and easily at favorable prices, coordinates expensive purchases, negotiates license and data use agreements and ensures compliance with legal requirements.

Order service for books and journals

All institutions of the University of Mannheim may use the University Library’s order service to purchase printed and electronic books and journals. How you benefit:

  • The University Library takes care of the entire acquisition process
  • The terms and conditions for the delivery of printed literature are more favorable

You can place your order on the phone or by sending an e-mail to your library or the electronic resources team.

A3 Library

+49 621 181–2989

a3erw bib.uni-mannheim.de

A5 Library

+49 621 181–3031

a5erw bib.uni-mannheim.de

Schloss Ehrenhof Library

+49 621 181–3020

eherw bib.uni-mannheim.de

Schloss Schneckenhof Library

+49 621 181–2936

bwlerw bib.uni-mannheim.de

Electronic Resources Team


e-medien bib.uni-mannheim.de


If your order exceeds 250 euros or in case of a subscription, the University Library will perform a purchase coordination procedure and provide you with a proof which you can attach to your payment order.

Databases and data use agreements

Do you want to order a special database or research data? For this, the conclusion of a license agreement is necessary. This is the responsibility of the University Library.

1. Authorization to negotiate contracts

Please use the form “Verhandlungsauftrag” (authorization to negotiate contracts) in order to commission the University Library to negotiate and conclude a license agreement. You may decide if the University Library pre-finances payment of the invoice or if the invoice is sent directly to your institution. If you use third-party funds for payment, the invoice needs to be handled by your institution.

Please send the completed and signed form by internal mail to the management of the Acquisition and Cataloging department and as a scan in advance to erwerbungsleitung bib.uni-mannheim.de.

Verhandlungsauftrag für Datenbanken und Datennutzungsverträge (authorization to negotiate contracts for databases and data use agreements) (Word, 1,58 MB, in German)

2. Contract negotiation

The University Library negotiates the license or data use agreement in coordination with you. The University Library ensures that the agreement complies with legal requirements, summarizes the main provisions of the agreements and sends it to you for signature. If you agree, the University Library concludes the license agreement for you. If required, the University Library will also perform a tender procedure.

3. Activation

If the product you requested is available, the University Library will provide you with the access information and asks you, if required, if the activated product corresponds to your order.

4. Invoice

If your institution is processing the invoice, the University Library will provide you with a processing note to attach to your payment order. This way, there is no need to re-evaluate the procedure and the invoice can be paid faster. If a tender procedure was performed, the processing note will contain the tender number. Please make sure to add this number to the payment order.

If the invoice is processed by the University Library, the invoice amount will be transferred from your account to the account of the library.

We are happy to advise you on this matter: erwerbungsleitung bib.uni-mannheim.de.