Research Data Center

The available data comprise specialized data sets in the field of economics and social sciences.

The Research Data Center (RDC) of Mannheim University Library specializes in the production of research data by converting historical, printed sources into electronic formats. It focuses on providing economic data, in particular company data. We advise researchers on documenting and archiving their research data and support them in the use and further processing of the data provided.

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Aktienführer Data Archive

Data on German companies listed on the stock exchange

Deutscher Reichsanzeiger und Preußischer Staatsanzeiger

Searchable full texts from January 1814 until April 1945

Official Directory of Municipalities

Historic census data and municipal census data

German Statistical Yearbooks

Fully digitized yearbooks from the German Empire, Federal Republic of Germany and the German Democratic Republic


Research data repository of the University of Mannheim

Bankruptcy Database

Bankruptcy proceedings in the German Empire (1879-1914)


The Research Data Center of the University Library participates in the following projects:


Business, Economic and Related Data at NFDI


Business and Economic Research Data Center


Kompetenzzentrum OCR (OCR competence center) of the university libraries in Mannheim and Tübingen


Dr. Irene Schumm

Dr. Irene Schumm

Head of the Research Data Center Department
University of Mannheim
University Library
Schloss Schneckenhof West – Room S 264.1
68161 Mannheim