Using Databases

The Mannheim University Library has compiled a comprehensive collection of licensed databases.

You can access our databases via the Database and Information Systems Database and Information Systems (DBIS) or via Primo catalog.

Accessing the Database Collection

Students and staff members of the University of Mannheim can access our databases:

  • via computers on campus or the university wireless network eduroam
  • from off-campus, using the VPN client
    Please select the "WebVPN" group when logging in with the VPN client. With "WebVPN-Split" you have no access to licensed electronic media.
  • from off-campus, using Shibboleth – please note: this option is not available for all electronic resources.

Certain electronic resources, such as beck-online and juris, can only be accessed on campus.

Students from cooperating institutions as well as non-university members holding a library card can access our licensed electronic resources using a library computer.

Information on eduroam by the University IT


Terms of Use

Your personal login data must not be handed to third parties.

You can save and print individual pages or chapters for personal use or research purposes only. Database use is subject to copyright law. Please also note the terms of use specified by the publishers and other providers.

Do not attempt to circumvent the publisher’s copy protection mechanism. Systematic downloading database content is prohibited. Full-text documents, whether in print or in digital form, may not be distributed to third parties.

For further questions, please contact the InfoCenter.