Guided Tours

At the start of every semester, the Mannheim University Library offers guided tours of all libraries to all first-year students and anyone who is interested. You can also schedule guided tours for groups at the InfoCenter.

The library staff will show you the libraries’ locations and services and give you an overview of the subject-specific library relevant to your program of study.

Welcome Back on Campus! At the start of lectures in the autumn/winter semester 2022/23, we will once again be offering guided tours of the University Library. All information and dates can be found here!

Digital library tour

The University Library Mannheim is more than just a collection of dusty books! It is a modern learning environment, a place of interaction and it offers the information and research infrastructure for science, teaching and study at the University of Mannheim – analogue and digital. Join us on a tour across the library locations of the University Library.

Bibliotheksbereich A3

Fachbibliothek für Sprach- und Literaturwissenschaften, Medien- und Kommunikationswissenschaften, Pädagogik, Philosophie, Psychologie und Theologie, Mediathek, Testothek Psychologie

Bibliotheksbereich A5

Fachbibliothek für Soziologie, Politikwissenschaft, Mathematik und Informatik, EDZ, MZES

Bibliotheksbereich Schloss Ehrenhof

Hasso-Plattner-Bibliothek – Fachbibliothek für Rechtswissenschaft, Volkswirtschaftslehre, Geschichte und Wirtschaftsgeographie, Ernst & Young Bibliothek für Accounting, Business Taxation and Tax Law

Bibliotheksbereich Schloss Schneckenhof

Fachbibliothek für Betriebswirtschaftslehre, InfoCenter, Learning Center

Bibliotheksbereich Schloss Westflügel

Ausleihzentrum mit Lehrbuchsammlung




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