Opening Hours

Central Lending Library Schloss Westflügel

Mon‒Fri except for holidays8 a.m.‒6 p.m.

Access to the self-return machine

Mon‒Fri except for holidays7 a.m.‒9 p.m.


Advice, registration, borrowing mobile devices, special collections reading room, collection of microforms and items requiring special protection

Mon‒Fri except for holidays9 a.m.‒4 p.m.

Subject Libraries A3, A5, Schloss Ehrenhof and Schloss Schneckenhof

Mon‒Fr8 a.m.‒11 p.m.
Sat/Sun/holidays10 a.m.‒11 p.m.

Extended opening hours from 6 May to 16 June 2024

Mon‒Sun/holidays8 a.m.‒midnight