Courses and Tutorials

The University Library offers various continuing education courses and tutorials where you can improve your information skills.

Guided tours, courses on subject-specific research, courses on academic writing and research or online tutorials – our services at a glance.


The University Library offers a variety of courses on research strategies for specialist databases, bibliography management and research data, among others. The courses are for students, staff members and anyone interested in the topic.


Get useful tips for academic writing and research in thirty-minutes workshops.

Data Literacy Essentials

Get useful tips for academic use of research data in 45-minutes workshops.

ExpLAB Explained

The new course program focuses on state-of-the-art technologies and alternative learning methods.

Guided Tours

At the begin of every semester, we offer guided tours of the University Library.


Improve your research skills and information literacy in online tutorials and learn how to make better use of the University Library’s services.

Our Offer for Secondary Schools

Teachers and students get to know the University Library and learn the basics of literature research. Our offer for secondary schools.