Printing, Copying and Scanning

Just use your ecUM or library card to make printouts or copies in any of the libraries. Printing or copying a double-sided page in black and white costs 3 cent which are debited from your virtual print account. In addition, it is also possible and free of charge to save your scans on USB sticks or send them to your university e-mail address.

You can top up your virtual print account with a pre-selected amount at all self-service terminals. You can then use this amount for printing and copying. On the Papercut website, you can see the balance available on your print account.

Printing fees

On the copier, select whether you want to print in color or black and white and one-sided or two-sided. The default setting is black and white, two-sided. If necessary, change the preset print options. Printing in A3 is also possible on some printers.


colorsimplex 7ct/pageduplex 6ct/page
black and whitesimplex 4ct/pageduplex 3ct/page


colorsimplex 14ct/pageduplex 12ct/page
black and whitesimplex 8ct/pageduplex 6ct/page

Printing from the library’s computers

You can send print jobs from any of the library’s computers. You will then be able to print out your documents within 48 hours using any copier in the library.

Printing from mobile devices

If you are a member of the University of Mannheim, you can also send print jobs from your own device if you are connected to the network of the University of Mannheim.

Please upload your pdf or xps files on the Papercut website. You will then be able to print out your documents within 48 hours using any copier in the library.

Printing instructions for mobile end devices (PDF, 186 KB)


Scanned pages are converted to either a tiff, jpeg or pdf.


All libraries provide use of black and white and color scanners. Scanned pages can be saved to a USB flash drive. You can also email scanned pages as an attachment to your university e-mail address. You cannot email scanned pages to other e-mail addresses.

Students of the University of Mannheim can use the scan service of the University Library.


To login to the copier, you need your ecUM or library card and a balance on your virtual print account. Hold your ecUM or UB chip card up to the button on the copier. The first time you use the copier, you will be asked for your Uni ID and password.