The Mannheim University Library offers electronic lockers for daytime use at all library locations. In order to use the electronic lockers you need your ecUM or library card as a key.

Please clear your locker no later than the closing time of the respective library. If you do not clear your locker within the opening hours, your ecUM or library card will be blocked. You can unlock your card at the information desks.

Please do not store any valuable items or cash in the lockers. In case of lost or stolen items the Mannheim University Library is only liable in cases of proven negligence. The Mannheim University Library does not accept any liability for lost or stolen cash or valuable items.

For your safety

Make sure to check that your locker is properly closed and locked.

There are lockers available for rent on a semester basis in the A3 Library, A5 Library, Schloss Schneckenhof Library, and the Schloss Ehrenhof Library. Please contact the information desk of your library.