Library Card for Non-University Members

You live, work, or study in the Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region or in Baden-Württemberg? Upon payment of a one-time registration fee of EUR 25, you can register online for a library card.

Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region

Once you have your library card and your access information (Uni-ID and password), you can

  • visit the subject libraries
  • borrow items at the Central Lending Library Schloss Westflügel, except for the textbook collection
  • print, copy and scan
  • order items via the interlibrary loan service
  • access licensed electronic resources at the library’s computers, no remote access possible
  • use the lockers

Access to the Internet and the wireless is only possible for members of the university. You can visit the study rooms of the University Library without having a library card.

    How to register

    • Please fill in and save the registration form. Please select “Non-University Member” in the “user group” section. When you save your registration, it will be transmitted electronically to the InfoCenter.
    • We will inform you by e-mail after max. two working days, where and when you can pick up your library card and your access information. Please bring your ID card or passport and citizen's registration certificate when you pick up your library card and sign the registration form at the information desk.
    • Upon registration you have to pay a one-time registration fee of EUR 25. Please pay the fee directly via bank transfer when you pick-up your card.
    • For members of Absolventum Mannheim the library fee is free of charge. Please present your membership card when picking up your library card.
    • Minors need a declaration of guarantee (PDF, 75 KB, only available in German) from their legal guardian.

    Replacement in case of loss or damage

    If your ecUM is lost or defective, you can apply for a new ecUM via the student portal. Log in with your university ID and password. Under “My Services” you will find “Photo Upload Chip Card” and there the button “Apply for a new ecUM”. The fee for a replacement card is 15 euros.

    How do I receive notifications?

    • All notifications such as holds or final notices are sent to the e-mail address which you specified in the registration form for non-university members.
    • You can only change your address in person at the information desk in the InfoCenter. Please bring your ID card (or your passport and citizen's registration certificate).




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