Das ExpLAB im Bibliotheksbereich Schloss Schneckenhof mit großen sonnigen Fenstern, bunt gepolsterter zweistufiger Sitzbank entlang einer Wand, flexiblen Tischen, Stühlen, Hockern, Couch und Sitzecke in einer Fensternische.

ExpLAB Schloss Schneckenhof

The ExpLAB provides you with a space for creative and collaborative learning and working.

Moreover, it offers a state-of-the-art technical infrastructure, including eye tracking, VR glasses and tools for design thinking. You can use it on your own or with a study group, you can set up experiments, or use the tech components to gather data for seminar or final papers.

Customize the space to suit your needs: There is flexible seating, adjustable tables, a large whiteboard and a mobile screen with an integrated touchscreen.

For university lectures, workshops and seminars related to the ExpLAB services and technical equipment, we offer the option of booking the ExpLab via the online booking form. Please use the online room request.

Virtual Reality

Virtual technologies (VR, MR) are a focus of the ExpLAB. In addition to numerous apps, VR goggles from the manufacturers HTC, Meta and Pico are available.

Eye Tracking

Eye Tracking records human eye movements in order to draw conclusions about cognitive understanding processes. A high-quality eye tracker with facial expression analysis and tools for measuring skin conductance are available in the ExpLAB.

Design Thinking

Design Thinking is used as a creative working method in business and research and emphasizes collaborative idea development. In addition to a design thinking toolkit, the ExpLAB also offers workshops.

Hybrid lectures and events

The ExpLAB regularly hosts teaching and lecture events that fit in with the concept of the room. The ExpLAB has flexible seating arrangements and is particularly suitable for workshops.

The large presentation screen with optional conference system enables hybrid events in which external speakers are present via Zoom.

  • Equipment

    • mobile touchscreen monitor for presentations (connections: HDMI, USB-C)
    • large presentation monitor with conference system (camera + room microphone), connections: DisplayPort, HDMI, USB-C
    • 3 whiteboards
    • 2 flipcharts
    • WLAN
    • flexible furniture (seating, tables)


To book the ExpLAB, please use the online room request or send us an e-mail:

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ExpLAB Schloss Schneckenhof

ExpLAB Schloss Schneckenhof

University of Mannheim
University Library
Schloss Schneckenhof
68161 Mannheim