Information on Using E-Books and Databases

The University Library provides access to a comprehensive and licensed collection of subject-specific e-books and databases.

Our e-books and databases can be found in the Primo catalog. You can also access our databases via the database and information system (DBIS). The e-books can be opened and read on every computer, laptop or tablet.

Current additional offerings

  • E-books

    All e-books can be accessed in the Primo catalog.

    University members have access, beyond the usual German- and English-language subject packages, to all German-language Springer-e-books published in 2021.

    For the first time in 2022, the University Library has licensed the “Erziehungswissenschaften und Soziale Arbeit” and “History” packages in addition to the familiar collections. In 2023, the “Professional and Applied Computing” and “Synthesis Collection of Technology” packages have been added.

    Cambridge University Press
    All Cambridge University Press textbooks and Cambridge University Press Companions to Literature & Classics remain accessible to members of the University of Mannheim.

    Mohr Siebeck for Law
    Members of the University have access to all Mohr Siebeck e-books from the subject area of Law.

    Duncker & Humblot
    Members of the University may access all Duncker & Humblot e-books.

    Meiner Publisher for Philosophy
    Members of the University have access to all e-books published by Meiner.

  • E-journals

    You can access all e-journals available on the JSTOR platform.

  • Remote access to juris

    Members of the University of Mannheim may still access the juris database from off-campus in 2023. This means you can search for case law and journal articles and have remote access to numerous full texts – such as handbooks and commentaries, including the “Staudinger”. Members of the University also have access to the textbooks from the supplemental module on Law Studies. For remote access, you need the VPN client.

    Students of cooperating institutions and non-university members holding a library card can access juris at the library’s computers.

  • Remote access to beck-online

    If you are an academic staff member at the University of Mannheim, you can get a personal account with remote access to beck-online. Please fill in the relevant form.

    Students of the University of Mannheim may still access the beck-online database from off-campus. To set up the account, you need to be connected to the Internet with a VPN client and to register with beck-online by using your university e-mail address. Registration is free of charge. On the website of beck-online, you will find instructions. To access the database, you need to connect to the Internet with the VPN client and login to your personal account.

    Please note: As long as students can also access the database from off-campus, it is not possible to access beck-online without personal registration, even if you are on campus. This means that students of cooperating institutions and non-university members have no access to beck-online.

    Additional resources

    In addition to the higher education module (Hochschulmodul), these additional modules are currently available:

    • Corona and COVID-19 PLUS
    • data protection law and freedom of information law (Datenschutz- und Informationsfreiheitsrecht PREMIUM)
    • antitrust law (Kartellrecht PLUS)
    • constitutional law (Verfassungsrecht PREMIUM)
    • beck-online.GROSSKOMMENTAR zum Zivilrecht (beckOGK)
    • beckOK Steuerrecht


As student or staff member of the University of Mannheim you can use our services:

  • on campus via computers or the eduroam wireless
  • outside the university network by using the VPN client.
    Please make sure to select the “WebVPN” group when logging in to the VPN Client. If you select “WebVPN Split”, you do not have access to licensed electronic resources.
  • outside the university network by using Shibboleth – this option is not available for all electronic resources.

Some electronic resources can only be accessed on the campus.

Members of cooperating institutions and private users holding a library card can access most licensed e-books and databases at the library’s computers. Access from outside the University Library is not possible because the license agreements of the publishers regularly do not permit this.

Information on eduroam by the University IT
Install the VPN Client of the University of Mannheim

Terms of use

You must not disclose your personal login data to third parties.

You can save and print individual pages or chapters for personal use or research purposes only. The use of electronic resources is subject to copyright law. Please also note the terms of use specified by the publishers and other providers.

The publisher’s copy protection mechanism must not be circumvented. Systematically downloading e-books or database content is prohibited. Full-text documents, whether in print or in digital form, may not be distributed to third parties.

If you have any questions, the e-media team will be happy to help.
Please send an e-mail to