Work Stations

The university’s libraries offer space for more than 2,000 users, including individual work stations and group study rooms fitted with up to date technology.

Click "available seats" to check the amount of free work stations for each library.


Many work stations offer LAN ports for your laptop. You can connect to all LAN ports and the Wi-Fi connection eduroam  using your Uni-ID and password. Students from other higher education institutions can also connect to eduroam.

More than 200 work stations are equipped with a computer offering a variety of up to date software. All computers are equipped with Microsoft Office and Libre Office. You can edit research results and downloads from the full text databases and save them to your usb flash drive. Bring your headphones to enjoy the library’s entire multimedia services.

All libraries are equipped with printers/photocopiers and scanners.

All group study rooms are equipped with PalMA Team Monitors and flip charts. A limited number of group study rooms also feature interactive whiteboards and a projector. Two interactive whiteboards are available in the Learning Center. Students and staff members of the university can borrow a variety of mobile devices such as laptops, tablets or ebook readers. You have to order them via Primo and you can collect them at the InfoCenter.

Group Study Rooms

Training classrooms

Special Collections Reading Room

Items which cannot be borrowed can be ordered to the special collections reading room in the InfoCenter. Microfilm and microfiche readers and scanners are available.