Available Seats

Current display of free seats for library visits of members of the university. Members of the University of Mannheim can reserve a seat or come to the library spontaneously.

no seats available

Central Lending Library Schloss Westflügel

101 freeimage/svg+xml

A3 Library

Linguistics and Literary Studies, Media and Communication Studies, Education Sciences, Philosophy, Psychology and Theology, Media Center and Test Library for Psychology

70 freeimage/svg+xml

A5 Library

Social Sciences, Mathematics and Informatics, EDC, MZES

201 freeimage/svg+xml

Schloss Ehrenhof Library

Law, Economics, History, Economic Geography and the Ernst & Young Foundation for Accounting, Business Taxation and Tax Law.

193 freeimage/svg+xml

Schloss Schneckenhof Library

Business Administration


Last updated: 2021-07-25, 4:59 am