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Title Content Type Provider
ERA Databases and RegistersAccess to documents for all railway market actorsfactual European Railway Agency (ERA)
ERADISEuropean Railway Agency Database of Interoperability and Safetyfulltext European Railway Agency (ERA)
ERATVEuropean Register of Authorised Types of Vehicles: data on types of vehicle authorised by the Member States pursuant to Article 26 of Directive 2008/57/EC.factual European Railway Agency (ERA)
RDDReference Document Database: access to national rules applied for the authorisation of railway vehicles, their equivalence and the National Legal Frameworks applied in the Member States of the European Union plus Norway and Switzerlandfactual European Railway Agency (ERA)
REAPRetailers' Environmental Action Programme (REAP) database contains examples of sustainability commitments made by members of the Retail Forum (updated annually by the retailers). The commitments are divided into three broad categories depending on the objective to be achieved: What we sell, How we sell, and Communication.factual European Commission, DG Environment