Primo search tips

Here you find tips for your search in the Primo catalog.

Watch our Tutorial (YouTube, only available in German) to explore Primo.


Why should I use Primo?

Primo is the library's discovery tool. Use it to search all media provided via Mannheim University Library: books, e-books, journals, e-journals, DVDs and audiobooks.

You can find many journal articles in the search area „Articles & University Library Holdings“. Or extend your search by using our databases.

Which search area should I choose?

University Library Holdings

Here you find more than 2.2 million holdings of Mannheim University Library including books, e-books, journals, e-journals, CDs, DVDs and psychological tests.

Articles & University Library Holdings

Here you search 100 million additional items for e-journal articles, more e-books, and research papers.

Inter-Library Loan

Your search brought no results? Here you can search the holdings of all academic libraries in Germany and order your item with just a few clicks.

What simple searches can I run?

Enter one or more search terms. Primo will return results that contain all the terms.

Search tips:

  • Use quotation marks to search for phrases - e.g. „global warming“.
  • Use OR to return results that contain either of the terms you have entered - e.g. irish OR celtic.
  • Type NOT before a search term to exclude this term from your search - e.g. celtic NOT irish excludes „irish“.
  • Use * to replace letters at the end of your search term - e.g. europ* will find european, Europe, Europa and more.
  • Use ? to replace a single letter in a search term - e.g. wom?n will find woman and women.

Expert tip:

Use () to combine different search queries - e.g. Schiller (play OR dram*) will find results containing Schiller and play as well as results containing Schiller and words with dram-.

How can I arrange my results?

Your search results are arranged by relevance. In the column „tweak results“ on the left you can sort your results list:

  • by date - ascending or descending
  • alphabetically by author or title

Use additional filter options, for example to see only the newest results.

How can I filter my search results?

In the column on the left under „Tweak results“ you can filter your results by one or more criteria:

  • Resource type
  • Creation date
  • Language
  • Library
  • Topic and more …

You see the active filters on the top of the left column. Here you can also delete some or all filters.