For the subject area Sociology, the Mannheim University Library provides you with literature, access to databases, and further search options.

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Essential databases for sociology include:


You can find an overview of available statistical databases at DBIS.




The e-journals for the subject Sociology can be found in the Electronic Journals Library (EZB) and the Primo catalog.

You can search for specific e-journals in the Primo catalog. We recommend using the "Advanced Search" and to narrow down your search to "Journals".


Mannheim University library offers a large range of e-books. All e-books licensed by Mannheim University library can be found in the Primo catalog.

Especially interesting e-book collections for the subject Sociology include Nomos, Palgrave and Springer.

You can access additional e-books via the database WISO.

When searching for e-books within the Primo catalog you can identify e-books by the information "online access" or the flag "View It". To access an e-book, click on "View It" and follow the link. When conducting a thematic inquiry you can narrow down your search with the help of the categories "Books" and "Online Resources". You will find further information under the link 'Using E-books'.

Research data

Research data of researchers at Mannheim University can be archived and published at the Mannheim Research Data Repository (MADATA).

Further national and international research data repositories include the datorium of the GESIS - Leibniz-Institut für Sozialwissenschaften and the Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR) of the University of Michigan.

The Consortium of European Social Data Archives (CESSDA) is an association of the European subject-specific data repositories for the the social sciences.

An overview of research data repositories is offered by the Registry of Research Data Repositories.

You can access scientific research data via DataCite.



Locating resources

In the A5 Library you will find literature on Sociology, which you can use on site. The media are freely accessible and arranged according to subject areas. Borrowing from this stock is only possible for academic staff of the University of Mannheim.

In the Central Lending Library at Schloss Westflügel you can find more literature on Sociology which you can borrow with your ecUM or your Library Card.

In the textbook collection at the Schloss Westflügel, the most important textbooks are available for loan in multiple copies to students of the University of Mannheim and cooperating institutions.

The literature available at the University Library can be searched for in the Primo catalog.

Local research institutions

Journal rankings

Scientific journals in the subject area Political Science are often rated by impact factor. The impact factor of a journal indicates how many articles of this journal were cited in other scientific journals.

Impact factors for scientific journals in the field of social sciences are listed in the database Social Sciences Citation Index or directly in the section Journal Citation Reports.

Courses and Tutorials

We offer courses on research skills in the subject area Sociology on a regular basis. You can access our tutorials online at any time. You may also schedule an individual appointment.

Academic Writing and Research

The collection of the Mannheim University library includes a variety of guidebooks on academic writing and research:

With our courses and consulting services we strive to support you in every way we can.

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