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Getting Started

You want to get to know the University Library and its services? We provide help and assistance for first-time users of our libraries: How can I register, where do I find the library for my subject and how do I connect to the Internet? Find out more about our courses, guided tours and tutorials.

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Library Card

How can I register and which library services can I use? Information for members of the University of Mannheim, members of cooperating institutions and non-university members

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Central service desk for information and advice

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Where to Find Us

Where can I find the library for my subject? The locations of the University Library

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Internet Access

Eduroam wireless, VPN client and information from the University IT

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Courses and Tutorials

All courses, ZWÖLFDREISSIG workshops, guided tours, tutorials and offers for schools

I am really impressed by the libraries here at the university. They are inspiring and I like to go there to prepare my exams.

Georgia Kasfiki, exchange student in the Bachelor’s program Business Administration / Photo credit: Elisa Berdica