Open Science Day 2024

Venue: Hybrid at FUCHS-Festsaal (O138), Schloss Schneckenhof, University of Mannheim and via Zoom
Date: 24 September, 11 a.m.–4 p.m.
Contact: Dr. David Philip Morgan, Dr. Philipp Zumstein

Registration:  on site & online

We are pleased to announce that the 6th annual Mannheim Open Science Day on the September 24th, 2024. The Open Science Day is a fantastic opportunity to showcase, share and discuss the diverse array of Open Science activities and experiences taking place at the University of Mannheim and beyond.

This year our Open Science Day will feature Best Practices in Open Science from researchers at the University of Mannheim including Open Science implementations in Economic History, Software Engineering and the value of connecting research with society. Additionally, we will also feature lightning talks from our newest Open Science Grant 2024 awardees and national efforts to improve Open Science and reproducibility from members of ther German Reproducibility Network.

All members and researchers of the University of Mannheim and beyond are invited to join our Open Science Day.


Session 1: 11 a.m.–12:30 p.m.


Prof. Henning Hillmann, Ph.D.

Vice President for Research and Early-Stage Researchers, University of Mannheim

Dr. Annette Klein

Deputy University Librarian and Head of the Acquisition and Cataloging Department, University of Mannheim

Open Science Office

The Impact of Open Science on Research and Society

Dr. David Philip Morgan

Open Science Office, University of Mannheim

Open Science at the University of Mannheim

How Open Science can make the difference for grant applications in History Research

Dr. Alex Spike Gibbs

Junior Professor­ship for Economic History of the Middle Ages

Promoting Open Science in Test-Driven Software Experiments

Dr. Marcus Kessel

Postdoctoral Researcher, Chair of Software  Engineering

Breaking Out of the Academic Bubble: The Need for a Stronger Connection between Science and Society

Prof. Dr. Frank Kalter

Chair of General Sociology

Lunch & Coffee Break: 12:30–1:15 p.m.

Session 2: 1:15–2:30 p.m.

German Reproducibility Network Member Lightning Talks

LMU Open Science Centre – from local to systemic implementation: embedding open research in institutional practices

Dr. Malika Ihle

Open Science Center, LMU Munich

Making Space for Open Science in Curriculum Design

Dr. Rima-Maria Rahal

Max Planck Institute for Research on Collective Goods

Creating the Münster Center for Open Science

Dr. Lukas Röseler

Münster Center for Open Science (MüCOS), University of Münster


Dr. Tracey Weissgerber

Quest Center, Berlin Institute of Health

Open Science Grant Awardees Lightning Talks

CARING: Enhancing Open Data Quality through Community Engagement

Christopher Klamm

Data and Web Science Group

Time for Perspective Taking: A Temporal Perspective on Social Processes at Work

Dr. Jette Völker

Chair of Work and Organizational Psychology

Analysis of learners' attention with interactive visualisations in economics (ALAIVE)

Christian Mayer

Chair of Economic and Business Education

Serving up-to-date Dynamic Knowledge Graph Embeddings

Dr. Rita Torres de Sousa

Data and Web Science Group

Session 3: 3:00–4:00 p.m.


The “Building Blocks” for Reproducible Research
(on-site only)

Moderation: Christos Sidiropoulos

Research Data Consultant (Data Literacy) and Subject Librarian for Mathematics, University of Mannheim

How it works: In teams, you will build vehicles using toy bricks and document each step of your building process. Next you will provide your documentation to the next team. Do you think they can successfully reproduce your vehicle? Let's find out!

Closing Words

Dr. Annette Klein